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Web Alert Expansion Pack

3.99 usd

This app adds new features Web Alert. Web Alert can monitor your web pages for changes and notify you when a change was detected (e.g. when the price of a product in an online store has dropped).
Main FeaturesSuitable for everyone:✔ Set any custom frequency for checks (e.g. every 5 seconds)✔ Only watch changes in the text between word … and word …✔ Monitor a number for changes (e.g. the price of a product)✔ Define a time range without checks or without notifications✔ Change notification only when a certain keyword is present (or absent)✔ Access websites with SSL certificate problems✔ Limit alerts to a minimum change percentage✔ Modify the URL of trackers✔ Can notify when a website is down or offline✔ Export versions as a zip archive
Suitable especially for dedicated users and professionals:✔ Filter content with regular expressions (RegEx)✔ Use CSS and jQuery selectors✔ Watch in HTML source code for changes✔ Plug-in to integrate with Tasker, Automate and Automagic
Further features will be added automatically. Currently in planning:• Option to import and export all data• Option to duplicate trackers• Android Wear integration so that changes can be seen on a watch• View changes already in the notification• Dynamically hide parts of the unchanged text in the changes view• Other ideas sent to me by users
You must have the Web Alert app installed: the extensive Tasker plugin many parts of the app become programmable even without knowledge of a programming language. You can find details about the Tasker plug-in here:
Enjoy these new features! :-)